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Over the last 50+ years we are proud to achieve great customer retention across a diverse range of industry sectors. Here are some examples of the sectors we serve.


We supply complete cable kits ready for installation onto Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) instruments to a worldwide leader in Magnetic Resonance for scientific research and industry.

Scientist Using Microscope
Army Boots


We supply coaxial and cable assembly needs to a global leading provider in secure voice, data and satellite communications for hostile environments. In the past we have worked with many radio communication companies and have had direct contracts with the Military Of Defence. We also helped facilitate the design and manufacture of a battery power back lead and connector for use in the military. Some other previous projects have involved the supply of cable and wire assembly requirements for communication equipment used on emergency vehicles in the UK.


We supply major players in the milk metering and collection field with bespoke custom cable assemblies, liquid levels, probes and PT100 sensors. Often by combining a cable assembly requirement with our ability to machine sensor body types in house offers an attractive cost effective solution to many in this sector.

Close Up of Corn Field
Food Blogger


We supply to various companies involved in the food industry. Some of whom  specialise in sensors for line control, test inspection, measurement and quality control specific to metalized packaging and others that support the monitoring and measurement of wheat used across the world.  We also supply a global manufacturer of instruments that are used in the food industry to analyse food samples for unsaturated fat, oil, water and authenticity of meat and coffee beans.


Our speed sensor business has designed, manufactured and supplied magnetic pick-ups (variable reluctance transducers) and Hall-effect Sensors to this industry for decades, with in excess of 200 different manufactured product variants to the line. Our all in-house sensor manufacturing produces magnetic pick-up sensors  commonly used in diesel generators, gas engines, flow meters, cranes, pumps and generator sets. They have been used as a key element for the calibrating of rotary helicopter blades with an optical laser system to being a vital component in a diesel generator from top manufacturers. We have also worked with the likes of Rolls Royce and Caterpillar to design, prototype and manufacture a specific Magnetic Pick-up to fit their needs on a developing project- a sensor we continue to supply today.

For many years we have been the primary supply of a bespoke cable assembly made to quite stringent specifications used on camera and monitoring equipment for use in Nuclear power stations globally.

Nuclear power station
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Typical wire assembly, cable assembly and encapsulation services we manufacture for in this sector include high end Hi-fi equipment, commercial LED lighting, digital measurement equipment, mobility stair lifts, motorised mobility aids, flow computing, metering control systems for the oil and gas industry, chemical control specialists, fruit gaming machines, alarm security systems, electronic appliance repairs, combinational and sequential logic tutors, industrial control and process control equipment, workstation power solutions in electrical building infrastructures, compact electric motor and motor gearbox manufacturers, medical diagnostic equipment and many more.


In the renewable energy sector we supply cable assembly requirements to a global leader in manufacturing Wind turbine optimisation equipment.

Wind Turbines
Electronic Circuit


We have many Electronic Design and product development customers whose projects often fall across a broad range of sectors. They rely on us to bring their cable and wire assembly requirements within their projects to both the prototype stage and later into production runs. Where we can add any value in expertise we are always happy to help in such projects.

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