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ICS Ltd manufacture reliable, fully functional, cost effective and high quality wire assemblies for your wire-to-board and wire-to-wire power or signal interconnection needs experienced in popular leading connector brands.

We terminate a diverse range of crimp terminal connector systems in their various pitch sizes, covering most of the leading brands to date. Here are some examples-but not limited to;


  • 1.25mm PicoBlade

  • 1.25-2.00 CLIK-Mate

  • 1.25-2.00 Micro-Lock

  • 1.27mm Picoflex (see ribbon cable page)

  • 1.5mm Pico-lock

  • 2.0mm DuraClik

  • 2.5mm KK 5051

  • 2.5mm Nano-Fit

  • 2.5mm Mini-SPOX

  • 2.54mm KK 254

  • 2.54mm SL Modular

  • 2.54mm C-Grid III

  • 2.54mm CyClone

  • 3.0mm Micro-Fit

  • 3.96mm KK 396

  • 4.2mm Mini-Fit Jr.

  • 5.03mm 1396 Series

AMP-TE Connectivity

  • 2.5mm AMP EI

  • 2.54mm AMPMODU IV/V

  • 2.54mm AMPMODU HE 13/HE 14

  • 3.0mm Micro Mate-N-Lok

  • 4.14mm Mini-Universal Mate-N-Lok

  • 4.8mm Econoseal3

  • 4.95mm Mate-N-Lok (commercial)

  • 6.0mm Superseal 1.5

  • 6.35mm Fastin-Faston

  • 6.35mm Mate-N-Lok (universal)


  • 1.5mm ZPD Series

  • 2.0mm PA Series

  • 2.0mm PH Series

  • 2.0mm PHD Series

  • 2.0mm PUD Series

  • 2.0mm JWPF Series

  • 2.5mm EH Series

  • 3.96mm VH Series

Amphenol ICC

  • 2.54mm FCI Dubox

Hirose Electric

  • 1.25mm   DF13

  • 2.0mm     DF3


  • 1.25mm   M30 Series

  • 2.54mm   M20 Series

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We hold stocks in a range of Equipment wire, Hook up wire and Def-Stan (61-12) cables typically used in a wire-to-board or wire-to-wire assembly:


  • 7/0.2 & 16/0.2 Def Stan 61-12 Type 2

  • 7/1/2c up to 7/1/15c screened Def Stan 61-12 (incl. unscreened versions)

  • 7/2/2c up to 7/2/36c screened Def Stan 61-12 (incl. unscreened versions)

  • 16/2/2c up to 16/2/36c Def Stan 61-12 (incl. unscreened versions)

  • 28AWG, 26AWG, 24AWG, 22AWG and 20AWG UL1061

  • 28AWG, 26AWG, 24AWG, 22AWG, 20AWG and 18AWG UL1007/1569

  • PTFE A & B BS2G210/BS3G210 in 7/0.12, 7/0.15, 7/0.2, 19/0.15, 19/0.25, 19/0.3

  • UL1385 Flexlite 0.25mm, 0.75mm, 1mm and 1.5mm


  • Equipment for Precision, high quality and efficiency - Schleuniger C451A and Wiremec AM300 are our high tech automatic cut, strip and crimp machines. These machines provide a high speed automated process for the cutting to length, stripping of, and crimping of both wire ends. The wire range for processing on these machines is 0.13-4mmsq. Our investment here provides extra capacity to meet high volume requirements for a wire-to-board/wire-to-wire assembly, whilst improving product lead times.  

  • We have an extensive growing number of mini-applicator tooling for terminating crimps off the reel (bandolier).  We continually invest in new mini-applicator tooling for popular product ranges. Bandolier crimps and mini-applicators are also used on our semi-automatic crimping presses- the Sona 101 and Gamma Meccanica T-20. This provides the versatility for terminating to a multicore cable or an existing wire-to-board assembly.


  • A comprehensive range of crimp manufacturer hand tooling suitable on low to medium batch sizes. Typical hand tools from Molex, Hirose, AMP, Amphenol etc


  • Documented & traceable crimp control data- including application set-up parameters, crimp height and width batch measurements, target pull-off test and results.


  • Cable and wire ident marking- fitting of wire and cable idents such as connector end identifier, product part number and batch coding. This can be achieved through our thermal transfer printing system onto heatshrink sleeving (please see our Cable Marking & Ident labelling page)


  • We offer a complete Wire Assembly service for low, medium and high volume.


  • 100% electronically batch tested on cable scanner.


  • Full documented traceability.

Get a competitive quote on wire-to-board and wire-to-wire requirements from our trusted, well experienced UK manufacturing service connect with us.

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