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In order to supply consistently to the highest quality, at a competitive price and quick turnaround, we continue to invest in the latest equipment and tooling.

With regard to our cable and wire crimp termination capabilities, we have a diverse range of both hand tools and mini applicators across many crimp manufacturers built up over four decades. If we don’t hold a specific tool or mini applicator, we would consider investing in one should the need arise and product volume and longevity supports it. All our crimp applicators allow crimp terminations onto wires processed automatically on our lead making machines or on our range of semi-automatic presses.

ICS ltd was the first in the country to install an Italian Wirmec AM300 Quattro automatic cutting, stripping and crimping machine. It has proven a great addition adding extra capacity when partnered with our exisiting Kodera castugnon C451A automatic crimping machine. We also have other cable and wire processing equipment by renowned manufacturer Schleuniger and KOMAX.. Here is a broad range of our tools and equipment.

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Fully automatic cut, strip and crimp

Wiremec AM300 Quattro

  • High speed precise automatic cutting and termination to both wire ends on wire range 0.13-4mmsq. Great ability to terminate both ends on short lengths of wires.

Kodera castugnon C451A

  • Our first automatic, cut, strip and crimp machine capable of single and end to end termination.

Semi-automatic crimping

Gamma Meccanica T-20

  • Strip and crimp termination via mini-applicator.

Sona 101 crimp press

  • Mini applicator crimping.


2 Grote & Hartmann AM21’s

  • Semi automatic crimping.


  • Pneumatic crimping of insulated and non-insulated crimp terminals and a range of coaxial types.

Pneumatic ferrule Crimper

  • Pneumatic crimping of insulated and non-insulated ferrule types.


  • Electric bench top crimping machine with changeable die sets for a range of insulated, non-insulated, ferrule, tubular lugs and coaxial.

Hand Crimping

As much as we lean towards automating the crimping processes for our customers, quite often there is still the need for hand crimping processes, particularly on low volume. We have a diverse range of hand tooling from manufacturers such as Molex, Hirose, Amp, DMC, App, Knipex and pressmaster.

Cutting and stripping

Schleuniger Powerstrip 9500 & Eco strip 9380 cable & wire cut and strip machines

  • Fully automatic high performance cutting and stripping (and window stripping) of cable, wire, braids and tubing. Standard V-blades handle most wire types, with options to use die blades for the more demanding wire types


Schleuniger Coax 207, HC 207 and KOMAX MIRA 440.

  • Programmable coax stripping machines that allows multi step precision rotary stripping on coaxial cable types. In one operation a cable end can be fully prepared to suit the coaxial connector. Setting stripping diameters to within 0.01mm enables optimal stripping quality.

  • They also have the capability to cut to length, strip and twist single wires.


  • Benchtop stripping machine facilitates partial stripping of lengths 2-20mm long on wire sizes of 0.08-6mm2. Fast and consistent wire stripping, primarily for the stripping of multicore cables.

CCM-1000 and JQ-6100

  • Digital cutting machines, suitable for straight cutting of cable, wire, IDC and various heatshrink, PVC & silicone tubing and braid.

Beri Stripping

  • DPF1000 and other Beri strip and twist machines enable precise and consistent strip and twist to wire ends.

Cable Identification

2 Thermomark Roll printing machines

  • PC software based production of labels printable with black or white text onto heat shrink. A chain of labels used on a cable can be printed in order and perforated individually. This is the cost effective cable identification method of choice. Other cable markers are available on the system such as foam backed stickers for applying to connector housings for example.


All workstations equipped with Wellar and Ersa digitally temperature controlled soldering stations and digital temperature controlled lead free solder pots for pre-tinning of wire ends.


Labfacility L60+ is our thermocouple and fine wire argon gas benchtop welder used for the production of commercial grade thermocouple junctions and other fine wire welding requirements. Wire range up to 1.1mm diameter.


TD3T CNC-210AS series programmable coil winder and the Meteor ME 301 coil winder for winding Transformers, Air Core Inductor and sensor coil windings,  wire range 0.05-4mm diameter.


2 Meter Mix PAR 3B automatic mixing and dispensing machines and hand held dispensing equipment for epoxy encapsulation requirements.

2 Manumould Injection moulders for in-house sensor component moulding, and cable overmould. Low cost silicone moulds are also designed and manufactured for moulding connectors, PCB’s, cables and assemblies.


Doosan S310N CNC lathe- Fanuc controlled, 12 station CNC lathe and IEMCA Kid70 automatic bar feeder fully automates the machining of our Aluminium, Stainless steel and Brass sensor body types.

Other equipment that also facilitates our machining and fabrication needs for electro-mechanical assembly , jigs and tooling are, 2 manual lathes, milling machine, fly press, pillar and benchtop drilling.


Cable scanners-High Voltage mega tester-DVM’s and LCR bridges-Crimp pull force tester-Crimp height micrometers-digital Calipers and thread gauges.

All test and measurement equipment is fully calibrated.

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