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As a UK manufacturer of Cable and Wire assemblies, if required, we can provide our customers with a quality cost effective cable and wire ident marking system for use on their products.


Often a cable or wire assembly will need a method of identification to help aid installation and to provide traceability through batch coding and revision numbering. In some cases, just a coloured ident for identification is enough. Whatever your ident needs, we are sure to have a solution.

Our preferred and most popular method for wire and cable ident marking is by printing directly onto heatshrink sleeving. Our clear, quickly processed, high quality thermal transfer printing allows us to print either single cut to length idents sleeves or produce a perforated length of varying idents and lengths.  For example, a cable assembly could demand four separate labels, one at each end identifying the connection, and two in the middle of the cable identifying part number, issue and batch code. Our system will allow us to thermal transfer print these sleeves in order, to varying lengths and with a perforation between labels. The strip of four idents, in the correct order, can then be fitted with ease to the cable and heat shrunk in position.

The black text heatshrink sleeving used for thermal transfer printing is typically black in colour with white text or symbols as required. We also print black txt onto white heatshrink. The 3:1 shrink ratio white text flame retarded zero halogen polyolefin sleeving typically caters for wire and cable sizes of 1.0mm up to 25mm in diameter. Depending on the size of heatshrink ident needed, the colour and size options available may have to be advised.


Should a connector hood or shell need an ident label, we also have the option to print onto white window self-adhesive device markers, typically used for marking equipment in control cabinets for example. They are highly resistant to solvents and suitable for harsh industrial applications. Again, this uses thermal transfer printing

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The thermal transfer printing system onto sleeving is our first choice and most cost effective solution due to the ease of setup, software based input and program storage, ability to print in incremental steps and its overall versatility and speed.


If you need a cable or wire assembly and would like to discuss any ident requirements you may have connect with us.

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