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With so many cable assembly manufacturers out there it can be challenging to find the right partner. ICS Ltd have over 50 years experience and knowledge in the cable assembly manufacturing industry, working with a diverse range of industry sectors. Whether you are looking for simple cut and strip wires, or a custom cable assembly for application in the most demanding environments, we have the flexibility to undertake different projects in varying complexity. Our Cable and Wire assemblies are manufactured to high quality standards to meet our customers requirements. If required, we will gladly provide our expertise at the design stage to ease the production process. ICS Ltd have the diversity of products and services, using the latest technology and expertise in mechanical and manual techniques - We have you covered. 

Please check out the range of products and services we have to offer.


Equipment & Tooling


Flat Ribbon Cable Assemblies

Cable Assembly image.JPG

Cable Assembly

Coil Winding photoJPG

Coil Winding


Electro Mechanical Final Assembly

Thermomark Printer.jpg

Cable Marking & Ident Labelling

Military Humvee

Mil-Spec Military Cable Assemblies


Multicore Cable Assembly



Coaxial Cables.JPG

RF Coaxial Cable Assemblies

Custom Wire Assembly.jpg

Custom Wire Assembly, Wire-to-board & Wire-to-wire Assemblies

main title photo replacment.JPG

Custom Cable Harness Assembly

Machining title .JPG


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