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We have been manufacturing custom cable harness assemblies to customers needs and specifications for over 5 decades. We have built a strong reputation both on quality and price with great customer retention across a wide range of industry sectors. We follow your specifications, drawings and samples and where appropriate offer up some of our expertise and knowledge in the development of products should the need arise. We develop and manufacture your cable/wire harness assemblies with the main emphasis on the product being fit for purpose, delivered on time and competitively priced. To help us deliver on this quality service with repeatability, we continue to invest in the latest technology in wire cutting machines, automatic lead making machines, precision wire end preparation equipment, and the highly skilled knowledgable and experienced workforce needed to manufacture.

Also known as: wire harness, cable assembly, wiring assembly or wiring loom

Advantages of a cable harness assembly:

By binding wires and cables into a cable harness you can lesson adverse effects of abrasion, moisture and vibration.


The risk of shorts is reduced by good optimisation of space.


The installer of a cable harness only has to install one cable rather than a collection of loose wires and cables. Cutting down the overall installation time.


Bind wires in a flame-retardant sleeve lowers the risk of electrical fires.


ICS (Hereford) ltd as your cable harness manufacturer:

  • Simple wiring looms to complex cable harnesses, we can manufacture to the highest quality.

  • We can cut wires on our Schleuniger and Kodera cut and strip machines.

  • We use a wide range of crimping equipment to crimp and terminate wires including semi-automatic and fully automatic. Wires on an assembly can be crimped one end or both if required.

  • Wire looms and cable assembly cores are prepared for termination with our extensive range of precision wire preparation equipment.

  • We have the equipment to twist wires in a wiring loom.

  • We terminate a variety of cable connector and crimp types by manufacturers like Molex, JST, HRS, Harwin, Tyco, Amp, Lear corporation and many more.

  • All cable harness assemblies are 100% functionally tested.

  • Full batch traceability. Crimping batch tests carried out and documented.

  • Cable assembly Proto-type and Pre-production samples produced.

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