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We are proud of the company’s long timeline of success through many turbulent times, we are especially proud of our team. One of our main principles is to maintain a successful team who are truly efficient, fully trained, motivated and importantly- quality conscious. We typically employ a team of between 10-15 employees. ICS boasts great staff retention rates, the majority of our workforce have been at the company for 15+ years. All our team fully embrace the need to supply manufactured products that are fit for purpose, defect free, competitively priced and delivered on time. We even set measurable Quality Objectives to achieve each year which focus on product conformity and process performance.  Areas we consistently monitor and analyse are customer returns, customer complaints, customer satisfaction surveys and delivery performance.

Management Reviews to Regular Team meetings for production and quality help keep all the team well informed and on track to reach our mission and goals. Each employee will have key skill training and future training requirements assessed regularly to ensure we have an adaptive diverse skillset across the team, ultimately allowing for job rotation and the ability to react quickly should a quick change in schedule occur.

Connecting with ICS will ultimately mean you are connecting with an experienced, friendly, dedicated team that will look after your needs every step of the way- we want to share success together.

Aerial Photo of a Factory


ICS ltd is a British family run business founded in 1972, we operate from our 5000 sq ft manufacturing facility...

Green Fields


We consider all our business operations and services and how they might impact the environment...

industry machine


Over the last 50+ years we are proud to achieve great customer retention across a diverse range of industry sectors...

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