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Multicore cable assemblies are manufactured to customer requirments and are used for a variety of applications such as Audio, Video, data and power. They are generally regarded as a multicore cable assembly when the cable has more than one core. They are typically favoured in our customers projects where space is limited, simplifying a systems setup and functionality, providing a much neater connection between electronic equipment. ICS Ltd can process multicore cables accurately using the latest automated cut and strip machines, prepped with precise wire end stripping equipment and terminated by either crimp or solder by our expert workforce. We terminate a huge range of crimp series by popular connector manufacturers using our vast range of mini applicators and semi-automated crimp presses.

  • We can manufacture multicore cable assemblies using a huge range of multicore cable in different sizes, dimensions, insulation and shielding.

  • Multicore cable manufacturers such as Belden, Alpha, Permanoid, Tyco Electronics, Lapp Kabel and Multicomp.

  • Twisted/multipair cable assembly.

  • Shielded and unshielded cable .

  • Cat 5e cable, Halogen free, flexible, armoured, automotive and more.

  • The soldering of multicore cable assemblies are carried out by a specialised workforce whose experience has gained them a wealth of knowledge in mechanical and manual techniques.

  • We have a range of crimping equipment to terminate Multicore cable assemblies when crimp is the preferred termination method.

  • Full batch traceability. Crimping batch tests carried out and documented.

  • 100% electrically tested

  • Proto-type and pre-production samples produced

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