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A UK manufacturer and provider of RF coax cable assemblies across a range of industry markets and applications.


ICS Ltd have a wealth of experience and knowledge in manufacturing quality bespoke coaxial cable assemblies, supplying to a range of data, scientific research, satellite communication and other industry sectors over many years.  

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We offer a range of coax cable types, here are a few examples:

  • RG174, RG178, RG179, RG188, RG316, RG58, RG142, RG59, RG223, RG213, RG179, RG187, URM67, URM70, LMR-100, LMR-195, LMR-200, LMR-240, LMR-300, LMR-400, LMR-600


We terminate a huge range of coaxial connector series, crimp type and solder termination. Some common examples- but not limited to:




Within these series are various crimp, clamp, jack and bulkhead jack, straight and right angled versions.


  • We assemble high frequency micro connectors and mixed contact D-Subminiature connectors from manufacturers like Harting and Nicomatic.

  • High quality & Precision- We use precision equipment by Schleuniger and KOMAX to automate the preparation of a coax cable, both in the cutting and the exact stripping requirements. (Please see our Tools and equipment page). This enables a consistent high quality stripping process that can be called up from a list of stored programs time and time again. A high quality consistent crimping process is achieved using a pneumatic press like our WDT, or using the DMC military standard open frame crimp tools.

  • Coax cable ident & marking-If you require a coax cable assembly with cable idents, for example,  connector end identifier, product part number and batch coding. This can be achieved through our thermal transfer printing system onto heatshrink sleeving, or you may just require coloured sleeving for identification. (please see our Cable Marking & Ident labelling page)

  • We offer a complete bespoke coax cable assembly service, low, medium and high volume.

  • 100% high volts batch tested.

  • Full documented traceability.

Get a competitive quote on a coaxial cable assembly requirement from our trusted, well experienced UK manufacturing service connect with us.

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